It is well peopled and much molested of the Arabians

It is well peopled and much molested of the Arabians

It is well peopled and much molested of the Arabians

Away from which they vse to transport from the ocean high shop from figs and you will flaxe vnto Alger, Tunis, and you will Bugia, wherby it gaine great shop of money

along with is at size removed of the Spaniards together with Spaniards. Oran.27 Of your own towne from Mezzagran. The fresh gouernour thereof hath absolutely nothing authoritie into the towne, and you may lesse in place of.28

Their towne and additionally are established by the Africans vpon the Mediterran sea, neere vnto the place where the newest lake Sclef disemboqueth

Of tlie towne of Mustuganin. Vstuganin beeing established of the Africans vpon the Mediterran sea, standeth nearly three miles away from Mezzagran, on the reverse side of your own riuer Selef. It was previously verie populous ; but due to the fact kingdome from Telensin started to rust, so it towne hath beene very vexed by the Arabians, one at this establish the 3rd region thereof scarce remaineth. Family members they containeth on level of fifteene hundred or so ; plus it hath a more beautifull and stately forehead. Contained in this towne are great store from weauers : additionally the properties is actually extremely sumptuously mainly based, hauing cleere fountaines that belong vnto him or her. From the midst of one’s towne runneth a good riuer, on each front whereof stand

diuers milles. Maybe not farre from the towne you’ll find most charming home gardens ; but they lay now vntilled and you will desolate. Their fields are exceeding fruitfull. Here belongeth an hauen vnto which towne, whereunto many resellers out-of European countries vse to resorts, albeit it finde little traffick right here, due to the fact townesmen are so destitute of cash.29 Of towne out-of Bresch. His ancient towne built by Romanes vpon the fresh new Mediterran water, standeth of many miles distant from Mustuganin. They containeth great shop regarding population, which happen to be a lot of them weauers.. People regarding the towne vse so you can paint a great blacke crosse vpon their cheeke, and two other blacke crosses vpon the fresh new palmes of the hands : and the like custome was obserued from the every inhabitants off this new mountaines of Alger, and you may Bugia : the occasion whereof is assumed to get which, particularly the Gothes once they first began to inuade these places, put-out all of these away from purchasing off tribute (given that our African historiographers affirme) that would imbrace the newest Christian faith. However, many times while the one tribute are recommended, euery man to eschew the new percentage thereof, won’t sticke in order to professe himselfe an excellent Religious: wherefore it had been then determined, that such as for instance were Christians in fact are recognized from anyone else by the foresaid crosses. Thoroughly brand new Gothes are expelled, all of them reuolted vnto this new Mahumetan faith ; howbeit so it custome from painting crosses remained however included in this, none doe they are aware the reason thereof. Simultaneously the newest meaner kind of people in Mauritania vse and make such as crosses vpon its faces, once we look for vsed by the many people out of European countries. It towne aboundeth considerably that have figs, as well as the areas thereof was exceeding fruitfull for fiaxe and you may barley. Brand new townesmen haue continued within the firme league and you will friendship towards the individuals of the brand new mountaines adioyning ; of the whose fauour they liued an enthusiastic hundred or so yeeres

togither without paying of any tribute at all: but Barbarossa new Turke hauing woon this new kingdome off Telensin place them to higher distresse. Here also you will get so far behold diuers monuments of Romans old houses.31 Of the towne from Sersell.

His great and old towne based because of the Romanes vpon the Mediterran water, try a while later removed of the Gothes and finally by Mahumetans. The brand new wall surface in the towne try surpassing highest, solid, and you will stately situated, and containeth about seven kilometers in circuit. In that area of the towne second vnto the Mediterran ocean -standeth a lot of beautifull and you can mylol ne demek astonishing forehead situated because of the Romans, the inwards part whereof consisteth off marble. They’d in addition to previously an impregnable fort status vpon a rock of the Mediterran ocean. Its areas was very fruitfull: and you can albeit that it towne was much oppressed of the Gothes, yet the Mahumetans enioyed good part thereof on the place almost out of fiue hundred or so yeeres. Right after which following warre regarding Telensin they remained voide out of populace almost three hundred yeeres. Because duration when Granada are woon from the Christians, diuers Moores out-of Granada fled thither, which fixed the newest properties and a good part of the castle: a short while later it started initially to create ships, wherewith it transported their merchantable merchandise for the most other places; and they increased thus from the absolutely nothing and you will nothing, one now he or she is growne so you can twelue hundred or so group. These were subiect soon as the vnto Barbarossa new Turke, vnto which they paide but 300 ducates to own yeerely tribute.30