They age that have bet, if the Cappie wins he’s got intercourse incase Casey gains she gets a 100 bucks

They age that have bet, if the Cappie wins he’s got intercourse incase Casey gains she gets a 100 bucks

They age that have bet, if the Cappie wins he’s got intercourse incase Casey gains she gets a 100 bucks

Just as Casey is going to victory the online game, she intentionally damage so she will be able to make love that have Cappie

Later from the a pool hallway, Casey incurs the lady ex-sweetheart, Cappie. Cappie shows in order to the lady he fulfilled their younger sis and you will expected the woman as to the reasons she never ever informed your one she got an effective sister as they dated. Casey answered because it was cousin competition. Casey surprises Cappie that have exactly how much the woman is enhanced since they last starred along with her.

24 hours later, Casey tells Cappie this is actually a-one time situation. She attempts to sneak away, however, she is caught making Cappie’s area from the remainder of the Kappa Tau members. Whenever she checks this lady cellphone, she observes that this woman is missed multiple calls away from Rusty and that he or she is within the jail getting assaulting Evan. Casey bails Rusty out, but he gets disgusted along with her choice to keep that have Evan. She angrily informs him never to judge the woman, saying that the girl personal life is the lady globe hence leaving Evan tends to make their good “public piranha”. So it lightens the mood, because the Rusty corrects the girl saying it’s “pariah”. The 2 upcoming determine that they’re going to attempt to finest its matchmaking and get element of per others’ lives. Later, and then have dinner that have Evan, the guy tries to apologize to possess his cheating, but she informs your that it’s not needed and this they truly are actually. Whenever Evan requires what she means, she only says to your to take into account they.

Casey and you may Evan consistently select one another, despite the hidden stress. It are nevertheless the power couple to the university, now stronger than ever.

Outlined Impact, Frannie learns you to she’s to remain getting a 5th 12 months in the CRU. When you find yourself 1st support Casey’s bid getting Omega Chi Date, Frannie decides you to she desires to run once again. Inspite of the resistance, Casey looks like becoming Omega Chi Boyfriend overcoming Frannie. Following event Frannie says that in the event Casey won the battle, she has but really to help you victory the battle.

When you are Casey nevertheless problems with her thinking for Cappie, Evan decides to harden its dating because of the lavaliering the girl

Middle a Casey-Frannie rivalry, an article was blogged presenting CRU’s greek program. The newest College try forced to crack down on greek children, and also to create matters even worse ZBZ sends a representative regarding Nationals (Teagan Walker) to research. Casey, fearing their house’s shut down, confesses all sorority’s doings so you can Teagan. Even with Casey’s willingness to take the latest fall, Teagan decides to lose Frannie just like the president and you will appoints Casey while the the new interim. In the an effective retaliation Frannie convinces Evan you to definitely Casey was just having your to possess their social status, leading to him to ask Casey if the she interacted with Cappie recently. When she responses you to definitely she kissed your it failed to go next, Evan requires right back his lavalier and storms of the girl life.

Immediately following break Casey and you can ZBZ deal with this new drop out off Jen K’s introduce. Zeta Beta Zeta try tasked Lizzie, who drives the fresh new sisters crazy from the constantly implementing the rules. At all the Greek festival Evan humiliates Casey, however, fortunately the Kappa Taus hurry in order to ZBZ’s help. From inside the “Highway into Aches Region” Casey learns in the Cappie and you may Rebecca. To show on them she is not annoyed, Casey shacks up having Jonah simply to look for are that he is sixteen. Stressful from Lizzie, Casey finds out that the only way she’s going to get-off is when Frannie is actually reinstated. No matter if first up against they, Casey learns from a history type deed out-of Frannie’s which can be happy to reinstate the girl.